The birthday. The bag, the basil – these are small matters. But when God is faithful in the small things, He’s showing us He can be trusted with the big things too. It was the day before my birthday. I wanted to have a party but I had no money to throw one. In fact, things were financially critical. I had £30 (PHP2000) left in the bank, with £200 (PHP14000) in bills to pay the following week. Plus my visa was due to expire. Changing my flight to go home would cost me even more than renewing my visa, so I was three days from hitting a financial wall and becoming an overstayer. I was beginning to get worried. Maybe I should have gone home while I still had enough money to change my flight.. Foolhardy, risk-taking behaviour. Again. This always happens. When will I learn..

Indeed, when will I learn. That day I got an email which told me that the new tenant for my house back home could move in. £300 (PHP21000) was gonna be in the bank by the weekend, plus an extra £300 a month after that. Oh and the birthday party? Actually I got that too. I spent my birthday visiting a village I’ve begun to work in and where I’m planning to make my home for a while. I was invited into a house to have lunch. Lunch turned out to be a birthday party. Not for me, for a little girl called Kiesha Louise. No-one there knew it was my birthday.

I’ve discovered that I’m on a journey that I did not plan, but God has. It’s like a paperchase. God is always a little way ahead, laying a trail of notes for me to follow. Just when I think maybe I’ve gone the wrong way, there’s another note, a word or a miracle. I learn from it and press on. I don’t know where the chase will lead, but I’m happy to be on it.


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