It’s Friday night. Earlier I was listening to the radio with my neighbours. The news is that he storm has slowed, so we have a little more time. Also, it’s weakened. Windspeeds have dropped from 250kph to 195kph. The supertyphoon has lost its super status. It’s smaller now – 600km across, down from 700km. My neighbours are encouraged, and the relief is visible on their faces. This is progress, and it gives us hope that by tomorrow, when it is forcast to arrive, it will be weaker still. After listening to the news, we hold a prayer meeting at the church. Before we pray, I tell the story of Jehosaphat, and their response in prayer encourages me. I’m invited for dinner. We eat the pig that was slaughtered this morning. It’s delicious. I’m happy that everyone is more relaxed. I’m happy that the typhoon is weakening.

I’m writing this at “The Lighthouse” of Kid’s International. Like everything else, the internet cafes have closed. A sign at Robinson’s Mall states in typical Filipino understatement “This store will be closed on Saturday”. The Lighthouse is staying open. Here, we are right on the seawall. Everyone around has evacuated to escape the possible storm surge. They are staying. Nicola, the manager, wants to be here for those who didn’t leave, and who will need a place to run to if the storm is strong. Their house is as strong as any storm – it survived Yolanda – but most of all, so is their faith. As I rode here, the streets were deserted. The wind picked up and as I now look at the weather report, it shows that the fringe of the storm has made landfall. It’s time. Keep praying and pray with faith. Our God is a God of miracles.

Summon your power, God;
    show us your strength, our God, as you have done before.

Psalm 68:28


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